Monday, 18 April 2016

That F***ing Fabulous Pastel Shag Jacket - The Story

I N S P I R A T I O N 

The epitome of nineties heroin chic, Kate Moss in a rather awesome looking shaggy coat

S P R E E 

I Want Candy Shag Jacket by Lovers And Drifters Club 


Vintage find for only £15

Look Book Numero Uno - Pastel Dreams, Unicorn Tears, Tarot Cards and Crystals

Ah the Nineties, Clueless, Spicegirls, No Doubt, The Rachel Haircut, Kate Moss, Slapbands, Fluffy Earrings, Lava lamps, Inflatable Chairs, Prada Backpacks, Fila Sweaters, Doc Martens, Chokers, Tamagotchis, All Saints, There's Something About Mary, Flannel Shirts, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sonic the Hedgehog, Converse, Empire Records.

Necklace - Ebay 
O Ring Choker - Ebay 
Top - Zara
Skirt - Vintage 


                                                             Fishnet Top - Vintage
                                                             Tuareg Earrings - Vintage
                                                             Sports Bra - Nike
                                                             Bodcon Skirt - Topshop 

                                                      Pastel Pink Shag Jacket - Vintage
                                                      (amazing £15 score I must add)
                                                      Skirt - Vintage


                               My Left Hand  - UrbanOutfitters, Crystals Jewellery, Vintage
                               My Right Hand  - Vintage & Camden Market

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Taboo, The Big 'D'

So here I am again, another weekly blogpost for you.

Today I realised that I would like my blog to the very honest, and many a blogger would probably shy away from such a topic. So I will grab the bull by the horns.

This is probably the hardest post I will ever write because your experience of the big 'D'  will be completely unique to you.

Some of you will be contemplating suicide, some of you will be self harming, some of you will be friendless, some of you will turn to the bottle.

Some of you will be anxious to leave your homes, some of you will have grown up in a turmoiled environment, some of you will comfort eat.

Some of you lost your main caregiver, your parent or maybe your best friend, some of you may have failed your exams, some of you may have just had a baby.

Some of you may take drugs, some of may be experiencing PTSD, some of you aren't suffering but are watching others with this.

Some of you have lost loved ones to depression, some of you refuse to recognise it, some of you are in denial of depression, some of you believe it doesn't exist. There are a multitude of reasons why.

Everyone is here, in this list. No-one can deny it. So remember the last point. Just because you believe something, it doesn't make it true. The Black Dog in the room touches all of us, so it should be our duty as human beings to destigmatise (I think that's a word) it, we owe it to ourselves!

Above is a clip from a documentary about Stephen Fry and his battle with depression, which proves that depression isn't a weakness and your success in life isn't determined by it either.

While I don't know you story I hope you can in some way relate to this. I love you x

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Realisation Par - The Clothing Brand I Have Fallen Deeply In Love With

So I was scrolling through my Instagram the other day, and came across Alexandra Spencer's blog for the first time, 4th and Bleeker .  The model, stylist and blogger's look reminds me a little of Hailey Baldwin, something in her face that I can't quite pinpoint. And oh my am I glad I checked out her page, as this Aussie Born, New York based babe has created something truly spectacular with the lovely Teale Talbot. This dedicated duo are the brain children of Realisation Par, created back in the summer of 2015.

I love the fact that these beauties have decided to create essential garments that can so easily be played up or dressed down depending on the vibe that they are trying to give off. It makes a refreshing change from you bog standard Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections that SO MANY designers do. My hats off to you both!

Recently seen (well NYE to be precise) on the fabulous Alexa Chung, it's safe to say I am totally the smitten kitten and I haven't even bought a single item yet.

Why not? Because I want everything they have to offer and I'm incredibly indecisive about clothing that I will often leave a shop empty handed if I'm not 100% sure I came to the right purchase or not to purchase conclusion.

I'll leave you now to explore the online store, draw from it what you will. It's not like a little PR hurt anyone right?


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Monday, 21 March 2016

Giving It A Whirl

Hello Nobody

Good afternoon and welcome to my very first blog post. I'm about 10 years or so late to jump on this bandwagon so here goes..

Recently inspired to shake things up a little I thought why the hell not start a blog. Do I proclaim to be an expert, an enthusiast or influencer? Nah not really

I'm just putting it out there, warts and all for cathartic reasons mostly. Call it an online, virtual diary if you will.  I do not sugar coat things, so if some photos look slightly unsharp or god forbid I make a fwe sepllnig mistaesk (okay you caught me, I did those on purpose) it's all part of  it. Really.

Oh by the way, that female specimen above. Yours Truly. The name's Samantha 

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